I’ll trade you your car insurance rates for our sexual assault rates

Feminism is actually a disease, not an necessity. I would consider any mention of feminism to be sexist, your beliefs are a total joke.

In today’s western society, it is the male that faces discrimination, disparity and injustice in social, political, economic, and legal elements. Men face double standards, and are given very little resources to correct the problem. In fact, men are even ridiculed and called sexist for trying to point out the truth that modern day western feminism had gone too far.

Socially, stigmas and standards have heavy disparity against males.

Why do males pay more car insurance?

Wait, someone called you sexist for saying feminism has gone too far and that women’s beliefs are a total joke? Wow, what assholes. That’s totally fucking shocking. And seriously dude, I am SO sorry about that car insurance stuff. That must weigh heavy on your shoulders. I hope things start to look up…